Alan Newman

Business Psychologist


Alan is a 'polymath'. He is intensely knowledgeable about diverse areas including human behaviour, economics, data, and finance, and possesses a great ability to link up ideas across separate disciplines. As well as being an ideas man he is a great coach and friend: I always come away from my meetings with Alan feeling enriched and encouraged.

Caroline Rivett
Director at KPMG

Alan is a clear thinker and a stimulating communicator. For me he is a 'go to' person when I am looking for originality and insight. Use him and reap.

Mark Scantlebury
Managing Director, Quietroom

Alan is without rivals when it comes to injecting creativity, energy and challenge into a project, programme, or even a simple meeting. I have worked with Alan in various ways since 1997 and he never ceases to bring new insights, ideas and a sense of adventure to our work. The word "unique" is overused in business but I feel comfortable in applying that label to Alan and I can strongly recommend him for work that is seeking to break the mould or challenge existing norms and thinking.

Neil Sharp
Partner at PEN Partnership